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Foam Pigs

PS Engineering offers Polly Pigs, with a bullet-shaped body made of hard-wearing foam. The concave, specially coated design provides excellent sealing, preventing even gases from bypassing the pig.

Usually, the simple handling of these pigs means that expensive or complicated pig traps are not needed.

This type of pig is used for cleaning water and waste-water pipelines, as well as in the drying of gas lines. It is, however, also used as an exploratory pig in problematic pipelines due to its enormous flexibility.

As standard, we offer three foam variants: low, medium and high density. Inaddition, we can deliver the foam pig without coating, or with criss-cross coating, as well as with brushes or abrasive strips attached.

Upon request we can supply further accessories or internal fittings, such as:

  • double nose
  • double dish
  • transmitter holder
  • towing and pulling ropes
  • bypass holes
  • Stud for mounting gauge plate
  • plastic brushes

Further equipment variants on request.